Friday, April 2, 2010


These doodle are quick to make when you have just a bit of thread left. I like to stick them on gift tags.
Ring:  6,long picot(halo),6, cl
Ring2: 1,very long picot (wing),9-1-1-1-1-1-1-9, very long picot, 1, close, tie and finish.

Jumpy Guy Doodle:
Ring 1: 6-1-1-1-6, close
Ring 2: 3, long picot for arm, 8, very very long picot for legs, 8, long picot for arm, 3
Tie and finish.
Cut picots on first ring open and fluff for hair.
Twist picots for arms.
Cut open long picot for legs and knot ends.

Ring 1: 12, cl
Ring 2: Split Ring 6/3-3
Ring 3: Split Ring 6/3-3
Ring 4: Split Ring 3/3-6
Ring 5: Split Ring 4-2/4-2
Tie ends and knot for antenna.


  1. Those doodles are so cute will definately make them!!!!!!

  2. These are adorable and I can't wait to try them after sending this comment! LOL... However, I came for another reason, LOL....

    I found you via one of the patterns on I really fell in love with it --"Suncatcher" and I was hoping to try my hand at it, so I'm wondering if there was any hope of you posting it here? I'm a beginner, so, while it seems fairly simple, I'm not sure that I'm ready for it at the moment. LOL. I have it all made in my head, right down to the pendant at the bottom, but I don't feel ready... I'm rambling (stinkin' nervousness. LOL). So, getting back on track: Is there any hope of you posting the Suncatcher pattern here OR would you be willing to give me permission just to save it to my computer (with your name and all, of course --I don't have a printer, so printing is not an option. LOL).

    Well, I'm stop rambling now... THANK YOU!!!!

    -Stephanie Grace

  3. I am new to tatting and have had a lot of fun making the doodles. Any patterns for simple doodles that are available, I am interested in trying. I am enjoying my new hobby.