Monday, October 25, 2010

Button Ornament

I made this ornament years ago, and I honestly can't remember if this is a pattern I came up with, or if I got it from somewhere else. Does this look familiar to anyone?


  1. Thanks for sharing this button ornament! It is so pretty. Love the way the colors radiate outward from lightest (button) to darkest green.

  2. I have no idea about the source of the pattern, but I love this ornament! It looks like something even I could accomplish :)

  3. Thanks to Gina's (Tatting Goddess) blog, I've discovered your blog! After catching up on your posts, I realize that I printed out some of your patterns when you were with Geocities.
    It is so generous of you to share them! You have wonderful ideas!

    This ornament is delightful, and the colors are perfectly matched to the button. Do you reemember what thread you used?

    I'm also astounded to read about your trip across the country! I can't imagine how long that took and how you planned it out! We're retired and finally have the time to travel, but are finding even short trips to be much more tiring and stressful than when we were young! I'm quite envious that you did this!!!

    Great photo of Rialto Beach! It almost looks 'other worldly!'

    I'll be checking your blog from now on!

  4. Lovely ornament.

    Can you contact me through my email?

    Thanks! Murphy

  5. Love it..! I just love the idea of tatting using cool!

  6. beautiful .I'm just learning to tat with buttons .

  7. nice, I just started this button stuff too.

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