Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tatting Blog

I am starting a new tatting blog, and eventually my web site will go away. I will transfer my patterns over here, and they will eventually not be available on my webpage any more. Since geocities went away, it's just been too much trouble to maintain the web page!

Hopefully, people looking for my patterns will eventually find their way over here.


  1. Sorry to hear of your web page going down as well as the problems with your wrists. I have only started tatting a couple of months ago. I have taken off with needle tatting, yet using a shuttle is beyond grasp. I can only get the double stitches and picots using the shuttle which comes out uneven. It seems that joining with shuttle or needle work different. This is causing problems in finding appropriate patterns. Do you have any suggestions on learning to shuttle tat or where I can find needle tatting patterns? All ideas are welcome! Thank you!
    Collette. E-mail: schmidtgang4@gmail.com

  2. I on the other hand never figured out needle tatting! So I am afraid I am not much help there.

    I learned shuttle tatting with the instructions on Carrie Carlson's site.


    I hope that helps!

    One of my patterns has been rewritten for needle tatters; the pattern is down on the page here:


  3. Nice to see you in Blog Land Birgit!

  4. In exploring the internet for beginner help I was continually frustrated to find a link only to learn that "Geocities is no longer available" .... thanks for moving to the blog.

  5. Where do you find multi-colored thread used for

  6. You can find variegated or multi-colored thread on different sites on the internet and on ebay. Some of mine are Altin Basak (a Turkish brand.) Some of them are Manuela from Germany.

    Handy Hands carries Lisbeth, which has some beautiful color combinations available in 20 or 40 size.